Nothing But Respect For Our Presidents

Nothing But Respect For Our Presidents

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Get our special International Women's Day Sticker Pack! 

Individual Waterproof Vinyl Stickers; 38mm - 1.5 inch

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Happy International Women’s day! In order to celebrate this wonderful day, we decided to honor three women that inspire us with these beautiful stickers. Nothing but respect for our presidents.

  1. Solange Knowles:  Where were you when A Seat At The Table’s was first released? The minute we heard the first words to “Rise”, we knew that this album was going to change our lives. ASATT is a timeless coming-of-age album that every single black girl needs to hear at least once.  Each interlude is a reminder from a mother, a sister, and a best friend to stand in your blackness and we couldn’t agree more. Thank you Solange.
  2. Cardi B: Cardi B has given us all a new meaning to self-acceptance. If we were to describe her, here’s what we would say: unapologetically black, fearless, a disrupter and hard worker. If 2017 was Cardi B’s year, we hope that 2018 marks the start of her decade! Ayyyy!
  3. New York: New York a.k.a Tiffany Pollard burst on the scene 10 years ago with VH1’s Flavor of Love. To us, New York is the cool Aunt for the online black community. We keep on saying this, but Flavor of Love aired 10 years ago, yet everything she’s ever spoken on the show is still relevant to us today (Beyoncé? You look like Luther Vandross!). Ms. Pollard, we know that this is not even close to the recognition you deserve but we hope that this is a great start!