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What To Watch When TV Is Boring

What To Watch When TV Is Boring

Face it, sometimes TV is boring.

If you need something new to assuage your addiction to dramas and comedies…I’ve got you covered. Some well known, others fresh off a premiere. Here are some web series gems starring women of color, worth pressing the play button.

1. The Power Circle

Power in numbers is not just a term anymore.

Video journalist Tia Long captures her lens with The Power Circle series. TPC features 18 inspiring and innovative young creatives ranging from photographers, songwriters, hip-hop bloggers, radio personalities, and more to discuss various topics within the urban culture. If you like intimate interviews, you’ll love this.  

2. Giants

Web series powerhouse Issa Rae teamed up with Jussie Smollet and James Bland to add another hit to her record.

Giants takes a look at the lives of Malachi, Journee & Ade, millennials who are finding out first hand how hard it is to be an actual adult. They’re not twenty and the struggle isn’t glamorous anymore. Living on their own terms might turn out to be more than they expected but they’re up for the challenge of a lifetime.

3. The Pineapple Diaries

A page from a new book, this series is as colorful as the main characters. Finding yourself is a long hard journey but it’s a little easier with friends. had the most perfect description saying, “The Pineapple Diaries is the closest thing Caribbean refined women may ever get to a Sex In The City illustration.These Latinas represent the multiple complexities of recent graduate struggles, compounded lovers, LBGTQ community difficulties, and more.” It’s light and refreshing like eating fresh pineapple.

4. Black Panties

Every woman has a pair.

Created and written by Francia Smith, the Black Panties series is the story of Mahogany, Valerie, London, and Juice. They’re women struggling at the intersection of vulnerability, love, betrayal, mental illness, success and the magic of owning your sensuality in order to discover your truth. Fans of Black &Sexy TV, this is for you.

5. I Love Bekka & Lucy

What’s better than having a best friend?

Playwright Rachel Holder’s 2012 crowd-fund success is back! This time, Bekka & Lucy have new faces but the same vibes. It’s all about the depth of friendship. Previously portrayed by Kristolyn Lloyd and Gina Rodriguez, it’s up to Jessica Parker Kennedy and Tanisha Long to dish up some serious humor about women, gender and navigating being each other’s favorite person. Watch this with your BFF, it’s that good.

6. Dating Has No Merci

It never gets easier.

We’ve all been there. Sasha Merci, creator, and star, hilariously showcases how truly petty millennial dating has become. Swipes, texts, likes, follow. It’s a lot to track as she stumbles through obstacles like terrible hookups, witchcraft, and the literal cost of living in NYC. You don’t want to miss this Dominican beauty in action. If you liked to One Day at a Time, binge this. Then share it with a friend!  

After reading the above descriptions, you’re probably wondering about all the other women of color stories that haven’t been told. Other factions of the minority that have even less visibility than the already invisible. As I researched this article, I wondered the same. It was both saddening and inspiring. Sad because I know there are too many perspectives, truths, and narratives to be told about the experience of brownness across the globe.

But after sulking, I was inspired to think of all the amazing content to be made by creators of color in the future because TV bored them so much, they decided to make some of their own.

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