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It Is Time To Adopt A Green Beauty Regimen!

It Is Time To Adopt A Green Beauty Regimen!

We are all beautiful, that is fact. However, we all have this one beauty product that enhances our beauty. Some of us, in an effort to find the next best product, will end up trying every single product that is on the market. Let's be honest, not all beauty products are FDA approved and this will start affecting all of us!

Come to think of it, what are the ingredients of your favorite moisturizer? How safe are your products? Answering these questions can be hard. 

Sometimes, the risks that come from just using your favorite mascara are not worth it! I encourage you to turn to "green beauty" in order to avoid any negative consequences on your skin. Here are some of our best tips for a "Green Beauty" path! 

1. Know the ingredients

The first step towards going green is knowing the ingredients in your beauty products. Your skin is the largest organ you have, which is why letting your pores absorb toxic ingredients is disastrous! Therefore, make sure that you have independent information about the ingredients in your skincare and know which one to avoid. Once you have a detailed list picking your new body cream or eye serum will be easy! 

2. Do your research

Don’t just settle for the information on the box, it is not safe to blindly trust a particular brand as most brands will provide misleading information to win potential customers! Don't be scared to go out and get more information, check out product reviews, test the ingredients and evaluate them one after the other. 

A great green beauty brand, Bahi Cosmetics

3. Have a regimen! 

It is not easy to wake up one day and throw away all the products you regularly use and love for a whole new set. Take your time and balance the way you introduce your skin to a new brand. This will help you monitor any possible changes and pin point excessive skin reactions as you gradually adjust to the green beauty world. Giving yourself an adjustment period is very important, and gradually, you will skin will welcome the change! 

4. Pick wisely

If you want to go green, then you must give it your all and choose your products carefully. In fact, most green beauty products can be created from scratch in your kitchen as all of the ingredients are organic and natural and used on a daily basis.

In other words, you too can get to your kitchen and come up with the best formula for skincare for oily skin. Therefore, if an over-the-counter brand does not satisfy your green beauty requirements, do not be afraid to move to the next one. 

5. Be considerate of your health! 

Avoiding chemical application on your skin is good! You may think that using non-green beauty products once in a while will not harm you, but it will. Do not be afraid of shunning from toxic products!  

To conclude, although not all beauty products are toxic, you cannot afford the risk. By following this list, you will be able to implement simple steps to change your beauty rituals and slowly turn to a green beauty regimen.  However, don't forget that the most important step towards natural beauty is self-acceptance. 

Remove all your focus on others and start accepting yourself for your own sake. Once you do that, it will change everything. 


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