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Brownness Babe of the week: Maria Pearl

Brownness Babe of the week: Maria Pearl

I am obsessed with style, not fashion. Maybe when I was younger, it was fun to dream of collecting the most recent IT bag, shoes and designers wears, but the more I grow, the more I realize the importance of style. What is it again? Fashion fades but style is eternal? 

Let me hit you with one of my favorite quotes: 

God created black people and black people created style
— George C Wolfe

It only makes sense to interview Maria Pearl. Her style is effortless, sophisticated yet very tomboyish. Who says you can't be a fancy tomboy?  You don't need to have millions in your bank account to look put together, there are things that money can't buy, like a sense of style. And that is eternal.  

Here is Maria Pearl in her own words. 


Who is Maria Pigeon? 
She is a 25-year-old lady living it up in South London, with a fake surname called Pigeon that started out when she was 18 but it’s been so long now and she’s in too deep so she has to roll with it for life (laughs). It’s actually Maria Pearl

How did you get into fashion/styling? 
It pretty much happened by accident, the styling side to it anyway. I had always been intrigued by fashion from a young age, literally spent most of my time drawing outfits I wished I could make or trying to make new outfits out of old things I had. I guess when I grew up it didn’t leave.

Your style is impeccable.  Where do you find inspiration?
Thank you so much! I find my inspiration from my friends, I know that sounds a little unconventional because most people look towards celebrities, but I genuinely am influenced the most by the people around me. All of our dress senses come from influences all over the world and different mediums so it’s nice to come together and bounce off each other.

Styled by Maria Pearl

Your online store features a lot of vintage pieces. What are the biggest challenges you face running it? 
Probably the post-production. I realized that a lot of vintage stores don’t really edit their photos or take the time to tweak the little things, so I made it a point of duty to do that. Unfortunately, me being me, I took it too far so now over the years the editing has become a lengthy and draining process. Now I’m going to be focusing on how to shorten it but still delivering A1 quality pictures.

Sample of the items available in Maria's store.

I have been reading your blog and you have a beautiful post-pregnancy body appreciation post where you talk about loving your body after having your daughter. Can you talk about how your life has changed after having your daughter? 

If you were reading the post-pregnancy post then that means you somehow found my old blog before I updated it all, which makes me think I should actually incorporate that into the new one

At first, I felt like my life didn’t really change, I was still super young, going out, I had loads of help so I think I had it quite easy, I didn’t necessarily need to “grow up”.

                                                        Mother and daughter. 

                                                       Mother and daughter. 

But now as I have got older that’s when I feel like I am seeing how much my life has changed because I am a parent. Now focusing on my career I don’t look at it just for myself I see everything I do as a pathway to a legacy I'm going to leave behind for her. Or any skill that I learn or project that I get myself involved in isn’t just for me but for both of us. I’m literally packing a suitcase for when she is of age then she will be well equipped for the future.

I also have recently started to appreciate how far I have come, I’m literally in the same field as most of my creative friends, we are at the same events, do the ‘same things’ but I still manage to juggle it with school runs, homework and parents evenings. It's not easy but slowly and surely I'm making it work I guess. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Alive and thriving. I try not to stress myself too much about the future because I used to be so engrossed in my tomorrows I didn’t appreciate my today. Right now I’m working hard but going with the flow and hopefully, in 5 years time I will be in a much better position to be the voice of the unheard.

Advice you would give your younger self?
You are enough. Everything you need is already stored in you. Endure, it’s only temporary.

Where can we find you online?
You can find my work/portfolio at, my personal blog at Pigeon Fights & Cigarettes and my Instagram at @mariapigeon

Maria's vintage store can be found at

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