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#BehindTheBeauty: Zaria Dennis

#BehindTheBeauty: Zaria Dennis

Aight so boom! We shared Zaria's selfie on Tumblr a few weeks and everyone freaked out. 6000 notes of freak out to be honest. Who is this beauty with glowing skin? Is she dropping the skin care routine? Is she real? Is this fair? We didn't think so, life is never fair, but we aimed to even out the odds and tracked her down to get her beauty routine! 

Turns out that life really isn't fair. Zaria not only has perfect skin, but she is also immensely talented and humble artist. We were never worthy, but she kindly agreed to an interview and we are very excited to share it! 

1. Tell us about you: where are you from, what are your interests

I’m from South Florida, particularly Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. 

I’ve always been interested in visual creativity! From doing my make-up, taking pictures, filming short videos, and even creating my own visual art.

I’m growing to be very technology savvy as most of my interests involve technology. I find it so amazing how much technology can enhance visual story-telling and allow us to reach different audiences. Mainly, my art is digital so I kind of fall in love with the different programs that allow me to express myself.  

2. Who are your beauty idols?

How can I pick a few? I have so many!

Overall though, I can say my beauty idols are black women. Everything I’ve learned about makeup, hair, style, and skin care came from other black women and they are such a reliable source! However, to name a few beauty gurus that I absolutely love, I’d say: Alissa Ashley, Jackie Aina, and Ms Rosh Posh . I started out learning from these lovely ladies and they are still so helpful today.

3. What is your morning beauty routine? (It can include skincare as well as makeup!) 

if you're not replicating her skin care routine after seeing this picture what is wrong with you? 

if you're not replicating her skin care routine after seeing this picture what is wrong with you? 

Skin Care

I use my spinner daily. It is essential because it scrubs the grimy and oily content off my face for a more matte smooth surface.  

I started off using the Mary Kay spinner for a while but recently I switched to SKINFUN IPX7

With the spinner, I use organic bar soaps from Trader Joes and Whole Foods and also bar soaps by Shea Moisture. I use these on my body as well, they even out and smoothen the skin all over. I have very sensitive skin so I am picky when it comes to soap. I make sure they are more toward the natural side because those bring long term moisture and evenness. 

After this, I use a daily moisturizer by Cetaphil, not too generously because it can over-moisturize. Lastly, I use Vaseline to moisturize my lips. 


If I’m putting on makeup, I won’t put the moisturizer all over my face. I avoid my T-zone because I get super oily there. Instead, I’ll use a primer in those areas to mattify them.

In the other areas of my face, I’ll go a little extra to ensure that its nice and moisturized bc my skin can be so dry as well. This helps my foundation stick and blend nicely, avoiding dry patches.

4. What is your night beauty routine? 

The same as my morning routine, except, if I’m wearing makeup, I’ll use Neutrogena makeup wipes first and then go into the normal routine.

5. What would you say to anyone who wants to get glowing skin like you?  Try organic soaps!! Drink water, eat well! And when in doubt, see a dermatologist! (Editor note: We wrote a great article on dermatologists that specialized in melanin rich skin!) 

Art by Zaria

6. What are 5 beauty products you would bring with you on a deserted island? 

One is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and apple cider vinegar! This is amazing and is the best mask I’ve ever had. It renews the skin anywhere on the body and even your hair! 

I would need Cocoa butter vaseline for my lips, my spinner and a bar of soap! 

7. Where can we find you online?

Main instagram: @bbzaria

Art instagram: @artbyzaria

Youtube: Zaria Jahlan


Twitter: @bbzaria

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