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You should NEVER bleach your skin!

You should NEVER bleach your skin!

Skin bleaching has been around for too long now.  The pursuit of beauty is as old as mankind itself. But aren’t we going too far in changing our bodies?

Many people are using over the counter skin bleachers to lighten their skin tone but any bleaching skin agent contains dangerous chemicals that can mess with your skin for good, leaving it with scars and chronic ailments.

Most of the skin bleaching products you can find are illegal but even those which are legal products are not designed to bleach the skin — they are used as legitimate medical resources for real skin problems. They are only prescribed by doctors and are not intended for continuous use.

If you look around you will find what are called “skin bleaching kits” in creams, powders and a variety of formulas. They promise a lighter skin with no side effects. Please don't fall for that. 

If you needed any reason NOT TO bleach your skin, here are so well-known side effects! 

1. Severe Acne and Darker Skin

After prolonged use, skin bleaching creams turn the skin into a much darker shade than you ever had previously and it can progress further to a condition called “ochronosis”. This condition means that the skin pigmentation will lay under a much deeper level - resulting in breakouts and over pigmentation. And this means you can never go back to your natural skin tone. Scary. 

2. Stretch Marks

Skin bleaching stretches the skin to spread out pigment to the point it becomes very frail and thin. This means that stretch marks will appear with minimal use and you will never get rid of those…

3. Mercury

In most cream formulas of skin bleaching, mercury is an active ingredient. Mercury is a poisonous metal that hints directly at the brain - messing up the chemistry and causing awful symptoms. Some countries have banned all products containing mercury - do you really want it in your system?

4. Arsenic as Ingredient

You should remember arsenic as a poison. In the case of a skin bleaching product, that’s still exactly what it is. Arsenic is a powerful poisonous drug that was used for centuries as a discreet weapon to kill - it was disguised in drinks or food.

This ingredient is severely toxic to humans and it can be found in herbicides and pesticides. It’s a highly cancerous element and it has been the direct cause of many skin cancers by users of skin bleaching creams!

5. Don’t Risk your Life

There are a lot more weird and poisonous ingredients in the various forms of skin bleach. Remember that this method is only approved for lightning up the skin a bit on severe scars and patches. It’s never meant to be used regularly and over a large area of skin! 

Your skin might end up darker than what you began with, cancer is a very real possibility and most probably, your skin will become unhealthy and visibly ruined.

The marks and rashes from skin bleaching are guaranteed to happen and while you might not envision it now, take a look at what it can do in this video.

If you’re in the mood for a documentary, here’s one on a major skin bleaching trend in Jamaica - and all the dangers that come along with it! 



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