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We've compiled a list of outlandish YET functional beauty masks!

We've compiled a list of outlandish YET functional beauty masks!

The beauty world is the perfect place to go above and beyond all you imagined possible.


A few years ago, if you wanted a red eyeshadow there were few brands that had it - now it’s just another color in every palette (the same goes for blue lipsticks and other unusual colors). If you thought you knew everything about keeping your face and body perfected with all the range of products, think again.

The sheet masks that make our skin glow from the inside? They were just the start of this new craze! You can now use beauty masks in the most unusual of placements…

If you still don’t believe, check these out:

1. The Foot Masks

Foot-masking can sound a bit ridiculous at first (unless you use sandals every single day) but they are actually very functional in keeping your feet healthy and smooth! Think of them as a great treatment for the skin of your feet and the dryness from the cold.

They are fun to apply but the results are even better!

Foot masks contain ingredients that help the skin in its natural exfoliation of dead skin layers - newer, fresher skin will shine through! The perfect summer mask for those who love open shoes.


Try these Foot Masks! 




2. Hand Masks


You shouldn’t be surprised - if there’s a mask for your feet it isn’t a stretch to design a Hand Mask! Masks are no longer for the face only and hand masks can address quite a variety of issues - brittle nails, dry skin or cuticles and all the roughness that comes with it.

Hand masks were inspired by Korean beauty rituals - it’s no wonder since Korean beauty addresses every single part of the body. These are just the perfect way to keep your hands looking and feeling great between nails appointments or just as a kind gesture to the part of your body that is more susceptible to every day aggressions!

Give your hands the love they deserve with these masks:


3. Breast Masks

Yes… Of course there is a mask for one of the most beautiful features of any woman!

These have been all the rage as of lately and many women swear by them - creating a better skin, firmer boobs and an overall improvement. And sure enough, Korean beauty the pioneer! Sheet masks for boobs are now a thing and if you are curious, these are the ones you must try:


Suggestions for unconventianl masks? Leave a comment below! 

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