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Jojoba Oil is Nature’s Multi-Tasker!

Jojoba Oil is Nature’s Multi-Tasker!

Jojoba Oil is a precious natural resource all of us can use in our daily lives.

This oil is produced by the seeds of the Jojoba plant - and its chemistry makes it one of the products with amazingly stable shelf-life so you can be sure your bottle will never be expired.

It’s no wonder that it has been denominated as nature’s multitasker - it is present in most cosmetic products and the oil in its pure form can be used in a multitude of situations.

That is because the pure formula is composed of oil molecules that actually mimic the natural oils our own bodies produce!

Here are some great uses for this natural wonder:

1. For oily skin

You probably wouldn’t think of an oil if you have oily skin to begin with but jojoba can control breakouts and improve the health of your skin!If you have oily skin or you are prone to it and have some breakouts, this is the essential oil for you. If you suffer from excessive skin oil production, apply a thin layer before your usual moisturizer at night. 

The oil will actually trick your skin into “believing” it has enough oil already (because they’re similar) so, if used regularly, jojoba oil will create the perfect silky smooth skin and regulate the oily skin!

2. Make-up Remover

Some synthetic cleansers and make-up removers will not only grab the dirt and dead skin you need to remove but they will also go for your natural oils, leaving your skin stripped of its natural protection and actually creating more breakouts…

Jojoba oil will safely remove all your make-up (including the eye area) without messing with your natural skin balance.

Use a cotton ball to soap in some oil and dab it all over the areas you need to remove make-up.  Let the oil sit and break down all the products for a minute and swipe off with a wet cloth.

For any residues that still remain, soak up some jojoba oil in a q-tip and remove those stubborn stains (mostly mascara and eyeliner).

3. Dry and Frizzy Hair

For natural healthy curly hair, Jojoba Oil is your best friend. The oil is very conditioning and it detangles the frizziest hairs in a second!

It doesn’t mess with the balance of your scalp so don’t be afraid to apply on the roots of your hair - it can actually help out in getting rid of dandruff! Jojoba oil actually works from the inside of the hair so it conditions and moisturizes better than any other product!

The hair will be shinier, more elastic and so soft you won’t ever need another formula.  Because Jojoba Oil is non-greasy, you can apply it daily on your hair and scalp. 

Massage your head with the oil and let it work its magic during the night. Add a few teaspoons of it into your usual shampoo - it will lessen the damage of those harshest chemicals.

4. Dry Skin – Elbows, Cuticles…

Jojoba oil is moisturizing, it has healing properties and antimicrobial agents. This means that it a great natural oil for both oily and dry skin.

Whether the dryness of the skin is seasonal or chronic, this oil works amazingly well in moisturizing even the driest areas anywhere in your body.

The same way it works in hair from the inside out, it also has the ability to penetrate deep into your skin layers and provide moisture that will be locked inside.

The skin that was once dull, rough and dry will start to appear more elastic, healthy and glowy. 

It’s as easy as massaging the Jojoba Oil on the dry patches of skin for five minutes! 

If needed, apply daily for a wonderful, renovated skin.

There are so many advantages to using a natural oil like Jojoba that you should keep a bottle near you at all times - it’s a potent miracle oil! 

Take a look at this video which explains how to apply jojoba oil on facial skin! 






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