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Here's how to get your skin ready for spring!

Here's how to get your skin ready for spring!

You might notice how your skin is resenting the lack of sunshine by the end of the winter - you have more bumps on your face (maybe a grainy texture to it) and your knees and heels are so dry you don’t want to show them off. Even your face looks more tired - the skin is duller and eye bags more noticeable.

What to do when it’s time to rock your body out in the sun? Fear not! - your skin may be dull and dry but there are some tricks that will provide the smoothness you need just in time.

While the dangers of direct sunlight are well documented (and hence the reason you should always wear sunscreen), your skin has been craving it from the first days of winter.  The sun provides vitamins and makes the skin work towards a happier appearance!

If you are ready to take advantage of this spring’s sunny days, make sure you get your skin ready!

1. Go for a deep facial cleanse

Yes, you have permission — and the duty — to indulge yourself!  Find a skilled professional to get your skin prepped for the sunny days.

This type of cleanse will reset your skin to its natural glow and glory, getting rid of all the imperfections, the irregular bumps and the overall duller appearance that is due to the lack of sun exposure.

After the session, moisture your face with a light formula and don’t go near any exfoliant! Avoid direct sunlight for two days because your skin is very delicate after this procedure.  

2. Adjust your skincare routine

After months of wind and cold, your skincare should be adjusted to the warm weather. The same way we dress differently for spring, your skin will have different needs.

Use lighter versions of your favorite products — switch the cream formula of your cleanser for a foamy product and find a good oil-free moisturizer. 

Also, be sure you don’t go out without sunscreen — whether it’s in your moisturizer, BB cream or foundation.

3. Take care of your body

The winter months make you hide away in layers of warm fabrics and although you feel warmer, dry knees or heels are inevitable.

The sun will only aggravate these issues so you should combat them before you dare out in skimpier shoes and clothes. For the roughest skin areas, exfoliate with a body scrub - this will remove all the dead skin that is still around and leave the baby, smooth skin layer.

After exfoliating the driest parts of your body, apply a light moisturizing lotion all over your body.  The exfoliant should only be used in the body parts where dryness is more evident! Use it at night and apply the moisturizer in the morning and at night after the exfoliant.

4. Spring and Sensitive skin

Many people with acne-prone skin may have some problems when spring hits. The weather brings many particles from nature and allergies and rashes will it in the first weeks, when your skin isn’t quite ready for it!

To keep your skin protected, create a barrier that will keep those rashes away — use a serum designed for sensitive skin and a light fluid moisturizer with high levels of salicylic acid. These will help preventing and combating any aggressions from pollution, allergies and such.

Take these tips and follow them in the first days and weeks of spring - your skin will thank you for the rest of the year!


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