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People Everywhere Rally To Renew Fox’s Pitch

People Everywhere Rally To Renew Fox’s Pitch

The following is a public service announcement.  Women play sports too.

Now that I have your attention, Fox’s breakout series about a Black woman named Ginny Baker playing major league baseball on an all male team called Pitch, was a big “hit” with audiences in more ways than one.

The 10 episode series wrapped its first season December 2016 but the network has yet to speak on a season two renewal in 2017. 

This is surprising considering the pilot episode’s reception among fans. Twitter showed their support in earnest with niche community platforms like Jamie Broadax’s BGN (Black Girl Nerds) getting involved. They even created a hashtag #PitchPlease specifically for the show!

Some super fans, who refer to themselves as Pitches, got creative in their pursuit of a second season and crafted a worldwide video campaign inspired by an episode of the show. #KeepHerInTheGame campaign creators, Kelci Williams and Sabrina Lopez, compiled snippets of fans donning the mantra. The team said this about their plea to Fox, “We wanted to show that we were real people who supported the show and Ginny Baker. We wanted them to see how much we love the character.”

Megan, another Pitch fan, spoke out about why Pitch is important for TV and what Ginny Baker means to her. She said, “Pitch for me means representation. Ginny Baker is not only a woman but a POC, navigating a man’s sport. The show also touches on relatable issues and challenges faced by all the characters from the front office, management, players, and their families. This show is really for all of us!”

Even The Parents TV Council, an advisory group dedicated to safe programming for families, breached the renewal subject. President Tim Winter said, “Families are hungry for TV shows that can be enjoyed by, and are safe for, the entire family, and ‘Pitch’ is a rare option in the TV universe.” The council also suggested that Fox market Pitch differently and said “We are urging Fox to ensure that ‘Pitch’ hits a home run with families by airing it on a different night that doesn’t conflict with other family-oriented sports programming, such as NFL broadcasts.”

With favorable ratings on popular sites like Rotten Tomatoes, IMdB and, the show seemed like it was doing well enough to warrant another season. Just in case, Fox needed more reasons to keep the show on air. Look no further than at Pitch’s starting lineup. The talented cast attached to the project included Kylie Bunbury (Ginny Baker), Mark Paul Gosselaar (Mike Lawson), Meagan Holder (Evelyn Sanders), Ali Larter (Amelia Slater) and Mark Consuelos (Oscar Arguella).

But Sabrina Lopez (KHITG) offered praise to the Pitch writers too and commented that “it is important to acknowledge their hard work” because “Pitch writers tackle the issues affecting America today head-on with grace.”

The world would love to see what is next for Ginny Baker after the nail-biting cliffhanger finale revealed that her dreams of making MLB history might be cut short by an injury. Will she beat the odds? Or is she destined to be permanently benched?

Fans are hopeful but may never truly know.

Hope is still alive with initiatives like KHITG, with future plans to send postcards and signed baseballs to Fox representatives in appreciation. It is the collective efforts of national organizations and viewers like us that could prove victorious for Pitch.

In the meantime, experience the show for yourself.

Kelci Williams said it perfectly. “Pitch is the show you didn't know you wanted. I dare you NOT to fall in love with it.”

With a program as unique as Pitch, the only answer to the cries of people everywhere rallying to save it is to renew Pitch for an unforgettable second season. 

Special thanks to Kelci and Sabrina of Pitch Street Team (                                         Special thanks to Megan, Black Girl Nerds and Jamie Broadnax




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