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5 Beauty Tips to Avoid Breakouts!

5 Beauty Tips to Avoid Breakouts!

Putting our best face forward is a massive deal. No woman will deny the importance of good, healthy face skin.  Hormones certainly have a saying on how acne affects each one but there are some good rules of thumb to follow for a healthier skin.

Not only is our face a reflection of our overall health but it can also compromise our well being inside – feeling good about our appearance sure clears the way for a confident self! We have more information today than ever before so why not start by preventing a breakout at all?

Here are the 5 rules for a glowing, radiant skin!

1. Skin Friendly Make-up

As most women love a pop of color or a subtle enhancement of natural features, make-up is a routine for most. Although it isn’t clear just quite how make-up products can worsen your skin, you should always go look for formulas that won’t cause you to break out!

In this case, “non-comedogenic” is the term you should look for in every skin beauty product – this means that the formula won’t clog your pores. Oil-free products and lightweight formulas will also be less harsh on your face.

On the other hand, avoid “greasy” products that contain mineral oils or cocoa butter – these should only be used on very dry skins, the normal to oily skin types can react with break outs to these ingredients.

2. Change your Pillow Case!

Sometimes it’s just not about the 60$ cream that promises a clear skin – it’s really down to good habits and not letting your skin touch other bacteria. A proven method that combats break outs is as simple as changing and washing your pillow case once in a week (for oily skin) or once every two weeks (normal to dry skin).

Let’s put it this way – your face sits on that fabric for approximately 8 hours per night. While cleaning your face at night helps out a lot, during those ours your skin will continuously work and sweat, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells will be deposited on the pillow case.

The potential for clogged pores and oilier skin is greatly reduced if you don’t forget to change pillow cases!

3. Moisturizing

Women with oilier skin will probably snag every product that delivers a drier skin. While anyone wants to keep breakouts at bay with the use of acne products, these can act the opposite way if the skin isn’t keep moisturized!

As most acne products tend to dry the skin up, applying a good moisturizer right after cleansing the face is essential to keep the normal levels of water in the skin!

4. Touching Your Face

It’s really hard to know if we suffer from too-much-face-touching. These gestures happen even if we’re not aware of them!

But the hands are where most of the dirt and bacteria lay all day. Touching your face regularly will only make you more susceptible of severe acne. Do you lay your face on your hands during class or work? Do you rest your chin on your palms?  While it’s easy to realize how damaging the gestures might be, it’s not easy to change to change them! Try to avoid these gestures as much as possible – keep in mind that you’re preventing breakouts.

5. Eat Better

As much as we might have a clear skin, it’s best to stay away from any food that might cause damage. It has been proven that chocolate or junk food don’t actually cause acne but they certainly don’t help out! Avoid foods high in fat, sugar or starch like pizza or fries. Control their intake if you have sensitive skin and bet on fresh fruit and vegetables for a clearer skin – these have good nutrients along with plenty of water to freshen up that dull skin!

Drinking the right amount of water per day will also help – aim for 8 glasses a day. If it’s easier for you, keep a bottle nearby and drink throughout the day. You can add a drop of lemon or orange juice if you can’t get over the non-existing taste.

Give these tips a go and not only will you prevent breakouts but you will also feel a lot better!





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