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3 perfumes that will change your life!

3 perfumes that will change your life!

Going down a perfume aisle, you will find the best-selling fragrances easily. They are usually placed right where you can see them and we all love going for a familiar scent.

But what about the other bottles waiting to be picked? There are great perfumes that you are yet to find and here you can find the best three choices – dare tochoose a different scent!

The same brands and even the same formulas keep selling and it is great for those you have found a signature scent.

But in all perfume and beauty isles, there are perfumes and formulas that are yet to be discovered.

These are just 3 of the best fragrances that are seriously underrated!

Clarins - “Eau des Jardins” Eau de Toilette

Besides the marvelous scent, this fragrance by Clarins is filled with a special formula which delivers treatment benefits that will leave your skin smooth and moisturized. Wow. 

Like any other Clarins product, the packaging isn’t an attention-grabber but the fragrance is inspired (as the name implies) by gardens in France and the floral tones are definitely there. This eau is to be sprayed all over your body. Your skin will look radiant and refreshed!

You can thank us later. 

Estée Lauder - “Modern Muse Le Rouge” Eau de Parfum

Estée Lauder’s perfumes make clients turn away convinced that the scents are too strong. While most of the scents really are strong, no other fragrance will stay on you as long as “Modern Muse Le Rouge” does. 

Sure, this perfume can turn some away but rest-assured that it is a sophisticated and glamorous choice!

It is a true innovator as it combines contrasting tones - the sensuality of roses right along the freshness of raspberries.

This is a bold choice that is guaranteed to stay on your skin for morning until dawn. 

Giorgio Armani - “Sí” Eau de Parfum

Armani has had big days of glory in the perfume world. They have delivered magical and bold scents for decades and never failed to impress. 

While some of Armani’s perfumes are highly recognizable for afar, the “Sí” perfume is still a diamond in the rough - waiting for its turn to shine.

The mix of “Sí” combines blackcurrant nectar, floral tones and musky blond wood. The result? A scent that will have something for you - surely. The woody tones, the florals and the fruits are all in one. Magical! 

The formula stays put all day long and the contrasting tones in the formula make it a great option for both younger and older women.

Any other perfume suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment!


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