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4 Reasons Iris West Owns Flash Season Four

4 Reasons Iris West Owns Flash Season Four

There’s a new super she-ro in town!

Forget about cookie-cutter men saving the day, it’s all about girl power this season. Central City has a new fresh definition of what it means to be in charge. Iris Ann West (Candice Patton), ace investigator, undoubtedly owns The Flash Season 4.

This comes as no surprise to die-hard fans who are convinced of Patton’s (Iris West) continued stellar performance as Flash’s leading lady since the first episode but what about the skeptics?

Ya’ girl has got all the facts you need. It’s time to sit back, relax and become a believer.

Here are four reasons to watch Central City’s finest slay the silver screen.

1.  New do’ who dis

She cut her hair. Iris’ locks are noticeably shorter this season. And any time a woman changes her hair, it is a clear indicator that she’s about to change her entire life. Fictional characters aren’t any different. I’ve done this plenty of times in my life and now it’s Iris’ turn. Long gone are her signature flowing layers. In season 4 she’s chopped it off in favor of a flattering bob that frames her face but more importantly, this new era of life.

2. Boss lady in the building

Iris is unapologetically in command. When you can control a super-speed, lightening slinging superhero with one sentence, you’re a boss. But what’s great about Iris is she doesn’t see the need to flaunt her power and instead uses it gracefully. In season 4, the audience gets a taste of what Team Flash is like with Iris in the driver’s seat during meta-missions. And I’m not the only one who thinks this is the best choice, here’s what Candice Patton had to say about why Iris leading the team makes the most sense.

“ We've seen over the last three seasons, she has a way especially of talking to Barry in some of his most high-stress moments in getting him to think clearly and bring comfort to the team. So there's definitely something about Iris' heart and her ability to talk to the team and rally the team. Which is why she's made such a great team leader. She's almost like the coach, she's like the hard coach for everyone.”  

3. Loud and clear voice

Slow clap. Flash writers have given Iris more material. Her voice has a tonal importance like never before this season. Patton has the pleasure of flexing her side-splitting comedy muscles while balancing that trademark emotional consciousness that makes fans everywhere cry ugly “This Is Us” tears.  Iris’ in the midst of trauma and constant danger seems to be evolving as a solidified constant for her friends, family but mostly for herself. She’s finally speaking up and being heard. And I can’t wait to see more of it.

4. Say yes to the dress

Iris & Barry’s legendary love has been tested every single episode and they’ll have to juggle lingering fears and more dangerous metas on their road to bliss. We haven’t seen many couples onscreen attend couples therapy before they get married but…then again these two are the gold standard. Weddings are a huge commitment and the fact that Iris says yes to not only the dress but the man behind the superhero mask, will probably propel their nuptials straight into TV hall of fame as one of the best.

Congrats Iris, you officially own everything!

If you were on the fence about The Flash before, let Iris West be the reason you finally take that leap, Tuesdays at 9/8c on CW.

Source: Cinemablend

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