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This Hand Cream Changed My Life!

This Hand Cream Changed My Life!

I am going to be really honest: when I think about beauty staples, I rarely think about hand cream. I take my time to find the perfect eye cream, toner, facial moisturizer (not Cetaphil), but never the perfect hand cream. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to stop by my local Deciem store and check out their selection of products. 

If you haven’t heard of Deciem, where have you been?  Founded in 2013,  this Canadian company is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Deciem is home to 10 brands:  Fountain, Grow Gorgeous, Hand Chemistry, Niod, Hylamide, HIF, White Rx, AB Crew and The Ordinary. 

You've probably heard of The Ordinary, their most popular brand. The Ordinary is home to the cheapest and apparently most effective $6 Anti-Aging serum!

Deciem has also released a very good range of foundations which had a 25,000-person wait list.

Why so cheap?

The philosophy is simple: Deciem is an "abnormal beauty company". The founder, Brandon Truaxe,  has openly stated that he thinks that the beauty industry is a scam. With The Ordinary, Deciem focuses on selling you quality ingredients. You do not get sexy marketing with expensive products and scents from exotic places. The products range from $3 to $15 dollars and they work! 

I love their minimalist stores. 

The staff was welcoming and knowledgeable. It was very helpful to have people explain to me the difference between AHA and ABA.

I finally decided to go for their Hand Cream, The Hand Chemistry, as I had done my research and read countless of great reviews. I figured that if things went left, it is always easier to hide your hands than your face! Ha! 

And I was surprised.

                                                 Credit goes to  missstephanieusher .

                                                 Credit goes to missstephanieusher.

The Hand Chemistry is sold under one of Deciem's many brands, The Chemistry. It comes in three sizes: 30ml, 100ml and 240 ml. The claims are simple: this product will give your hands a youthful glow in just 11 days! I can't even get to see real change using my products in 11 days, so I was skeptical.  It also claimed to increased your skin moisture by 11% in just 12 hours! 

I loved it! I liked the fruity scent and I noticed that after a couple of days (read: 3 days), my hands were soft and youthful.  The only drawback is I have a fear of being called Ashy Larry and I had to put more than the recommended dime-sized amount. I bought the smallest size and I felt that for $7, it was worth it! 

I am now obsessed and never leave the house without my hand cream. I also read that some women use it on their face. I break out when I think about switching my face cream, so I don't think I will be jumping on that bandwagon just yet. 

I will definitely purchase again.   Have you tried a product from The Ordinary and liked it? Leave a comment below! 

Source: Racked

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