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Here are 5 Black Poets We Are Obsessed With!

Here are 5 Black Poets We Are Obsessed With!

They say that when a woman cuts her hair, her life is about to change. While this might be true, I believe that my life changed when I found these 5 poets. So I offer this: a woman is about to change her life when she picks up a poetry book.

1. Warsan Shire:

Before writing on Beyonce’s Lemonade, Warsan Shire was well-known to the blogosphere. Her first poetry book, Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth, was one of the first books that shaped my 20s. 


2. Chloe Mitchell

Chloe Mitchell was featured on one of Kanye’s best album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Her poem, which fit perfects with the song by the way, tells of what happens after a breakup, how two people who once loved each other become enemies and eventually strangers.

Her poem, “If They Let us” was featured on the cover of ANTI.

3. Reyna Biddy

Reyna is one of my favorites. Through her poems, she has taught me the importance of self-love, of finding the god in yourself and in honoring yourself. She is a must for any women learning to listen to her inner voice.

Her poems are short, straight to the point but they stay with you and read like advice from an older sister or from an older version of yourself. 

4. Stella Binion

Stella Binion is 18 years young with the world at her feet!  

She was invited to perform a poem for Michelle Obama in 2016 and was recently appointed as one of the five literary student ambassadors for the National Student Poets Program. My favorite poem of hers is ‘Blk Girls Be Boxing”.  Check it out below! 

5.  Theresa Lola

This British-Nigerian poet has a lot going on for her: has been shortlisted for the 2016 Bridgeport Poetry Prize and 2016 London Magazine prize. In 2017, she also won Hammer and Tongue National Slam.

I stumbled upon Theresa Lola during a warm summer night in London. She was part of a Gal-Dem’s exhibition called “Explorations of Home”, which highlighted upcoming Women of Color poets from the UK.

Her poems “Observations or Home In Order of Nostalgia” and “Portrait of Us as Snow White”  talked about subjects that were too familiar to me: colorism, father issues and the loneliness that comes with being an alien,  someone that is not from here or there.

Source: Brittlepaper 

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