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Survivor’s Remorse Takes A Final Bow

Survivor’s Remorse Takes A Final Bow

It’s been 4 amazing years and now Starz’s hit series, Survivor’s Remorse has come to a beautiful end. Yes, on the outside the show is about 20-something Boston native Cameron Calloway’s (Jessie T. Usher) glamorous rise to NBA stardom, but peeling back the flesh has revealed the true heart of the series to be the entire Calloway clan themselves.

Cam, Cassie (Tichina Arnold) , M-Chuck (Erica Ash), Reggie (Ronreaco Lee), Missy (Teyonah Parris), Allison (Meagan Tandy) and a host of others piled layer atop layer of quick-witted comedy on-screen with a secret ingredient that kept viewers coming back for more. Levity.

In a TV landscape chock full of countless procedural/medical dramas and more romantic comedies than should be legally allowed, Survivor’s Remorse stood a beacon of possibility. And thanks to Cassie, M-Chuck, Missy and Allison who brought heaping servings of humility, hilarity and heart to every episode, they shined.


M-Chuck, Allison & Cassie set the record straight on Cassie's podcast "Things We Think That You Should Think Too".

These ladies may be sweet to look at but they don’t sugar coat anything. Over the seasons, the characters have tackled heavy and normally taboo material like gender inequality, sexuality, morality, religion, sex positivity, death, cosmetic surgery, continuing education, incarceration, marriage, interracial relationships, racism, and almost every other “ism” there is.  

Whether Allison’s unrivaled gentility, Missy’s unfailing fortitude, Cassie’s unshakable awareness or M-Chuck’s consistent veracity, each applied their own style to problems. Though most times, they seamlessly vacillated between all of the above as voices of perspective in different degrees. A rare balance shouldered between four different characters with perfect ease. Flawed, funny and as f***ing real as characters come. They’re the magic behind Cam & Reggie. And they may never be replicated again.    


Cast includes: Robert Wu (Da Chen Bao), Teyonnah Parris (Missy) Jessie T. Usher (Cam), M-Chuck (Eric Ashe), Meagan Tandy (Allison), Ronreaco Lee (Reggie) and Tichina Arnold (Cassie)

Survivor’s Remorse is authentically about the realities of being human. Every gritty, tearful and uncomfortable aspect of what it means to live under the human condition, tucked beneath humor. It translated across the audience and allowed us to see ourselves, family, friends, exes, the list goes on. The Calloways are evidence of this enduring human journey. And my takeaway from them is a resounding lesson to “choose a larger life.”

I’ve seen that life won’t be easy or without pain. It will be scary but I should live it anyway without Survivor’s Remorse.

Big thank you to the following: Starz, Mike O’Malley, LeBron James, creators, directors, producers, writers, cast, guest stars, crew and fans everywhere. Take a bow. You earned it.

Sources: Mocontrol

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