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Rose Colored Glasses: Rosewood’s Women of Color add heat to Miami streets

Rose Colored Glasses: Rosewood’s Women of Color add heat to Miami streets

Everything is coming up roses for the cast of Fox’s Rosewood following their mid-season finale in early December 2016…or so it seems. The show returns January 6,2017 but it won’t be in its regular Thursday night time slot. The Miami set drama is moving to Friday night (also known as TV show hospice where series go to die.)

Could this mean the fate of Rosewood is in renewal limbo? It is too early to tell but before official views are counted, I’ll say cancelling Rosewood would be a grave mistake for three reasons.

Jaina Lee Ortiz, Lorraine Toussaint and Gabrielle Dennis.

While Rosewood follows private pathologist pretty boy, Beaumont Rosewood (played by Morris Chestnut) it is the ensemble cast of extraordinary women that really heats up the primetime screen each week.

Reason 1. Jaina Lee Ortiz

She’s #2 on the call sheet for a reason. Ortiz is perfect as Annalise Villa. She holds her own as series female lead. And she’s hilarious. Villa is witty and intense but Ortiz adds a layer of subtly to her scenes that is priceless. Wayward glances. Hard stares. Stutters. Her raw emotion shines through in a way that adds depth to commonly one-note characters on paper. She radiates both sexiness and sentiment. A striking combination. The Latina actress works her undeniable chemistry with everyone to her benefit and earns her rightful spot as honorary Rosewood family member. Ortiz is the founding layer of heat.

Reason 2. Lorraine Toussaint

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.31.55 PM.png

Don’t mess with Mama. Scenes starring Donna Rosewood are so triggering for CoC (Children of Color), you’ll feel like you’re the one being reprimanded from miles away. The second hand embarrassment is real but is also what make Toussaint’s role so pivotal. The Rosewood family is the core of the series but Donna is the heart of the Rosewood family. Emotionally gripping topics like loss, love and Sunday dinners will leave you tearing up at the ease of the veteran actress performance. Go ahead! Use those tears to squelch the second layer of heat

Reason 3. Gabrielle Dennis

Aside from Gabrielle’s extensive writer and producer credits, seriously check out her IMDb, Dennis’ acting chops are brilliantly displayed in her role as toxicologist Pippy Rosewood. Playing a younger sibling can sometimes appear on screen as forced or annoying but Dennis finds a way to make Pippy unique in what I’m calling, her breakout role. Heavy subjects like sexuality, loyalty and finding personal balance gives her the space she needs to emerge as the final layer of Miami heat.

Fan of shows like CSI? You’ll like this.

With recurring roles featuring actresses Lisa Vidal (Being Mary Jane) who plays Daisy Villa, R&B singer Letoya Luckett (Tawnya), Nkechi Okoro Carroll (Bones) as Executive Producer and a host of talented women of color on staff…it’s baffling that Rosewood isn’t doing so well.           

Averaging out at 3 million viewers for the first half of season 2, ratings slipped as a consequence of moving the show from its original 2015 Wednesday slot following popular music hit, Empire. If these numbers continue, there is no doubt that Fox will douse the fires on the Miami drama, indefinitely.

So what can you do to prevent Rosewood from fading into the smoke stack?

Watch or record the live show each week. Viewers, YOU ARE THE DECIDING FACTORS. Shows literally do not exist without people like us to watch them. So do it. Then encourage more people to watch. Live tweet the show with the cast or writers. FYI: Gabrielle Dennis LOVES to interact with fans.

My point is support what matters and representation does matter. Rosewood has an entire cast full of wonderful, dynamic, talented women working both on and off screen to bring audiences what we ask for. Diversity. Stories that look like us.

Shouldn’t we say thank you by tuning in without rose colored glasses?

Hurry. By the time we see things clearly, it may be too late to save this truly special series.

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