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Brown Girl's Guide To Catching Up

Brown Girl's Guide To Catching Up

Damn! So you missed another episode of a hot show your friends can’t stop obsessing over? Or you have no clue about the crazy plot twist in that new series because you haven’t had time to watch? No judgement. I get it. My DVR backs up too sometimes. But….and there’s always a but consider this. When that sacred day off from work arrives, your roommates are gone and final exams are finally over, you will try to liberate old episodes from DVR prison.

After binging a few, you’ll come to a point in the season where you’re completely up to date. Or so you think until you check to find you’re missing that one episode with the craziest cliffhanger EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT TOMORROW on social media. 

But the episode just aired yesterday or even a few hours earlier that same day and you can’t find it anywhere! How are you supposed to properly binge a series without the final episode?

Calm down, I got you covered.

Here’s The Brown Girl’s Roadmap to Catching Up. 

Gas Stations

Fuel up on quick, time sensitive content here because these sites have episodes that expire quicker than you can bat an fake eyelash. Sometimes you get lucky and are able to view them for a few weeks before expiration but repeated views means sitting through the same commercials. They tried it.  

Official network sites require service providers to use but here are alternatives. (5 latest episodes of shows found here.) (OV Guide helps find exactly what you’re looking for.)

Pit Stops

Make a brief pit stop here when gas station websites don’t have what you need. Pit stops are unique in that they do require subscriptions but don’t roll your eyes just yet. There is a way around the pit stop pit falls. Sign up, binge to your heart’s content then…wait for it. Cancel the subscription directly after finishing the last episode and you avoid being charged because you forgot to unsubscribe. This works best for exclusive content that is often included in expensive premium cable packages that service providers want you to pay an arm and a leg for.

I like keeping my arms. How about you?

(Pit stop websites are ONE TIME ONLY offers meaning if you sign up again, expect charges on your next credit card bill. You’ve been warned.)  (HBO) (STARZ)

Speed Bumps

You might have a few speed bumps using these websites because the amount of pop-up advertisements and time it takes to load episodes is sometimes as long as the episode itself. Upside? They are free! Pro tip: protect your viewing experience by installing an ad-blocker on your browser and bypass the annoying ads altogether. Take that internet!

The Final Destination

Ah! You’ve made it to your destination. These sites are where more users decide to put down roots because it is so easy to use them. There are down sides to everything tho. Cons: you have to pay monthly to park here.

Or good old  if you want to own & rewatch episodes forever! (I use this A LOT.)

Disclaimer: These are trade secrets that aself proclaimed TV junkie like myself has fought hard to protect over the years and I’m sharing them with the world, free of charge. You’re welcome. But If the government comes searching for me, I do not exist. You have never heard of me. Got it? Good.

So settle in a comfy spot with a ton of tasty snacks and get ready to burn your eyeballs with too much television because you earned it for just being you. Share this list with a friend or frenemy you hope will someday become a friend or keep it all to yourself. Bottom line is the same.

You will never get left behind again with The Brown Girl’s Roadmap to Catching Up.

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