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Have You Been Rolling Around In Flour? Best products to fight the ash!

Have You Been Rolling Around In Flour? Best products to fight the ash!

It’s that time of year again. The time when you walk outside and get punched by “It’s 25 degrees, but feels like 10”. The time when you forget global warming is a thing and warm up your car for 10-15 minutes. The time when you start to question whether your job is really worth leaving the warmth of your bed. It’s also the time when you can right novels on your skin with a toothpick because you are just that ashy. I can’t help with the other winter time dilemmas, but I can help your skin get right.

The Big Guns: Eucerin Professional Repair Rich Feel Lotion

Eucerin has been a staple in the extremely dry skin/ eczema community for years, and with good reason. They have various formulas to choose from depending on how dry your skin is. The most intensely moisturizing formula is the Eucerin Professional Repair Rich Feel Lotion. A quick read through reviews of this will have you thinking it was blessed by Beyonce.

Oooh You Smell Nice: Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

I’m typically not one for fragranced lotions, ever since I experienced my first New England winter and my Bath & Body Works staples failed me miserably. What use is smelling like cucumber melon if your skin starts to resemble a cantaloupe? But I digress. Soap and Glory has managed to blend fragrance with deep moisturization and I’m back on board the smell goods train.

Get Me An Ambulance: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Any brand that calls itself First Aid Beauty has to take this skin care game seriously. Serious is just what this moisturizer is. Coming in on the pricier end of the scale, the fact that “a dab will do ya” helps one jar last a good amount of time. 

Straight From the Motherland: Shea Terra Organics Nilotik Shea Butter Uganda’s Secret Body ButterWe’ve all seen the tubs of shea butter at our local beauty supply store. You may have even ventured into making your own whipped body butter by adding various, melting, and whipping that work. This shea butter eliminates all the extra work. For one it is not a hard brick that needs to be softened before use, it already super creamy and easy to spread. Also, it is produced by the Otuwe Shea Butter Cooperative of Northern Uganda, which enables some of the world's poorest women to support their families.  Many of these women escaped torture at the hands of their rebel captors. So you can have soft skin and a soft heart.

For the DIY-er: Curl Mix Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter

Want to support Black Owned Businesses? Like natural, DIY recipes? Need an amazing body butter for the winter? Curl Mix has you covered. Their Whipped Mango Hair & Body Butter comes to you unmixed, with each ingredient in separate & reusable containers, and detailed instructions that include pictures. You don’t just get soft moisturized skin, but you get to feel like you accomplished a task not everyone wants to do.


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