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BrownnessBabe: Asiyami Gold

BrownnessBabe: Asiyami Gold

Who Is She?

Asiyami Gold is one of our favorite visual artists.  She is an art director, visual storyteller and consultant. She has been featured on J.CREW, Cosmopolitan, GAP, Cool Hunting, Okay Africa and Bella Naija.

An avid traveler, she has been all across the world.   Currently located in Accra, this year alone she has set foot in Mexico, Italy, New Orleans and Portugal. 

Why Is She a BrownnessBabe? 

Being of West African descent myself, I find it inspiring to see a girl that is not afraid to talk about her heritage, show where her family lives, where her roots are. One of her most shining moments was after getting featured in a big magazine, she went back home to show her family, and they all danced, laughed and cried to celebrate her accomplishment.  

My family is the same, and being someone who chose an untraditional path, it is refreshing to see another West African girl choosing to define her truth and having the love of her family while doing it.

If you're still not convinced, here are two beautiful quotes from her interview with Saint Heron:  

On wanting to be an artist: 

"More young Africans in the diaspora should be comfortable with wanting to be an artist as long as they’re willing to go after their vision/dreams with all they’ve got. Be it in medicine, law, art, be able to discipline yourself enough to fulfill your personal legend.


On advice she would give to her younger self:

Stop trying to please everyone, slow down and focus on yourself. Over time, I’ve learned to be meticulous and pay attention to detail. I mastered the art of patience because getting things exactly how you envisioned it takes an ample amount of time. I always said I wanted to be the black Martha Stewart. Owning my own lifestyle brand is what I envision for myself. These are just plans I have, we’ll see how it goes.


Where Can You Find Her?

Here's the link to her personal website,

Instagram: asiyami_gold, Snapchat:  asiyami

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